Our Vision and Mission

All of WERA’s past and current projects have been governed by our vision to maintain sustainable and historic African American communities through environmental protection, preservation, stabilization, and planned development.

Our past and current projects also conform to our mission of improving the quality of life for low-income and minority residents who have been denied basic amenities. These improvements come in nine different ways:

  1. Providing affordable housing, safe water/sewer services, and voting rights,  through economic, social, legislative, and legal means.
  2. Empowering residents to address institutional racism that foster racial inequities.
  3. Stopping any construction projects from destroying the West End and White Level communities.
  4. Installing safe water and sewer services in the Buckhorn/Perry Hill, White Level, and West End communities.
  5. Developing models for grassroots leadership training for civil engagement.
  6. Maintaining EPA Community-Based Environmental Protection.
  7. Designing neighborhood preservation/development plans for sustaining new and pre-existing affordable housing.
  8. Submitting grant applications to grantors who support social and environmental justice, affordable housing, sustainable communities, and grassroots leadership training to combat institutional racism.
  9. Partnering for financial, technical, legal, research, and moral support.
  10. Providing input on clean energy and climate justice in support of US congressional and White House policies and directives.
Omega and Brenda Wilson standing alongside Lucas Thornton, WERA’s 2021 Summer.